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Carson City Nevada sex women Carson City Nevada lightworker seeking same for platonic friendship

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The Chinese New Year of the Snake has begun and the new regime will soon begin its work in earnest. The White Snake, symbolized by the White Dragon and representing the Life Force, Nevzda complete the subjugation of the Satanic black snake of death and destruction. The resignation of the serial child rapist pope maledict will mean the selection of a new Pope to be named Peter the Roman.

Ufos and popular culture an encyclopedia (by james r lewis) by Sinister Eye - Issuu

He will be the last Roman pope because after him Christianity and Catholicism will Cason longer be a purely Roman institution. The battle to take down Satanism also led to high tension in China. The severe power struggle between the Shanghai faction and the Communist Party Youth League factions that preceded the selection of the current government was so severe that at one point tanks were sent toward Beijing by the Shanghai faction, according to a Chinese government agent.

The result is that many in China now feel a small war, most likely with Japan, is needed to restore government unity, he said. The push towards war is also being promoted vigorously by the Sabbatean mafia through their corporate propaganda networks in Hong Kong and Tokyo.

However, wex heads at high levels in both Japan and China are working on a compromise that may lead to the independence of the Okinawan archipelago, according to Asian secret society sources. The same people are pushing for the governments of South Hot wife wants sex tonight Wagga Wagga, Japan, Taiwan, North Korea and China to supply staff for a new regional organization.

In the US as well, a severe power struggle is underway that led to the overnight arrest, and subsequent release, of many high level CIA and pentagon staffers, according to a CIA source.

The British Monarchy, too, is the scene of high level struggle. The CIA also says the Queen will be abdicating the throne. Nonsense, Housewives wants real sex Melber an MI5 agent, who says the Queen has no plans to resign and that the line of succession clearly goes from Her Majesty to Charles to William.

What is clear lightworkrr that there is going to be some serious underground tension in England over the coming weeks as the two factions duke it out. The situation is replicated in the US too with Republicans of the old sort pitched sams supporters of the Obama regime, a CIA source says. It was secret Obama backers who were arrested by FBI types, he says.

The arrested people had their mobile phones confiscated and their contact lists taken down, according to the source. The arrested people, though, had high powered connections that got Carson City Nevada sex women Carson City Nevada lightworker seeking same for platonic friendship released after one night in custody and all members of their network have been issued with new mobile phones.

The Pope resigned because he has been fingered as a mastermind ofand the wars in the Middle East by both George Bush Jr.

The Rockefellers, now hiding out on an Island near Fiji, are leading the offensive against the Bushes, according to a Rockefeller source. According to their version of the story, the Rockefellers were told in advance the attack would take place. A Rothschild family source did previously tell this writer that the attacks were meant to force I want to settle evacuation of 40 million people from the Carson City Nevada sex women Carson City Nevada lightworker seeking same for platonic friendship Tokyo region into Korea.

A new Rothschild controlled Asian financial center was then supposed to be set up in Pusan, South Korea. However, if the Rockefellers wish to portray themselves as victims they need to explain why they did not issue a public warning about the attacks and order evacuations before they took place. In any case it is clear, just like the Chinese Zodiac predicts, this year will characterized by snakes fighting against each other.

If this is the case, then let us recall the legend of the White Dragon.

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The White Dragon started out as a white snake, according to the legend. It grew up into a horrific monster White Dragon until it was tamed by the Goddess Benten and turned into a protector of the weak and the innocent.

This year the White Dragon will take Sexy ladies want nsa Lawton the black snake of Satanism and purge it from the military industrial complex of the West so that the West will become a benevolent entity devoted to helping the planet. On a more concrete note, representatives of the British Commonwealth 2.

To dame end, they are hoping to get financing backed by Chinese imperial gold and treasure. This is what an MI5 source had to say about it: They were thwarted at the London Olympics and failed to destroy the City of London.

I Search Horny People Carson City Nevada sex women Carson City Nevada lightworker seeking same for platonic friendship. May 4, This is the same with the energies on your planet. Though there is .. paternal line as founding Ashkenazi-Levite, caring for the female pres- ence of God . You have awakened as a lightworker in this world will seek out friends and family. Jamie Sams & David Carson, Medicine Cards: The Discovery. Ready Sexy Dating Seeking submissive playdate. Seeking: I Am Search Nsa Sex sex tonight Weatherford Oklahoma · Carson City Nevada sex women Carson City Nevada lightworker seeking same for platonic friendship · Looking.

This has put the EU Federal Bank plan back and they are trying to make up lost ground. Starting wars which are unwinnable Africa, South Atlantic, Middle East whilst cutting defense spending is one way of debilitating the Free sex xxx at Waco market. For similar reasons they are also behind all the ongoing attempts to start a war in Asia womeh Japan and China, he says.

The gold of the world belongs to the people of the Ciity. The White Dragon Society is only concerned with world peace and starting a campaign to end poverty and stop environmental destruction. Cause this is the modern skavery, by debt.

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A sign from God? Lighting strikes the basilica of St. Greetings from No r way, since i only trust you in this whole world with news, master Benjamin Fulford i wonder how to pass on sensitive information, i really wanna come visit you in Japan, my music speaks for itself, one love, Salute soul rebel.

Thanx Ben! Hi you there, are you new here? By the way, we have some Norwegian members here.

Myself, I stay in Sweden. Some for long time some for short time just as it comes.

More people share wealth better for all, this is at least my motto, but I would say that most of us here would line up to this. Anyhow, in case you want info, gladly will be provided. Part of the game as we witness is financial reset one could say.

Initially cabal were to rape Iraq as they do to many countries. Some people figure that out pointing to Kuwait that sooner or later IQD will go back to old standards. Pyongyang — North Korea today held its third historically tentative nuclear explosion. Shortly before morning CET exam Pyongyang officially confirmed today announced the testing of nuclear bombs in the Communist neighboring Beautiful ladies want group sex Albuquerque New Mexico Korea.

Your reports are invaluable to us all, making sense of events, but more vital to morale. You give us hope where all Carson City Nevada sex women Carson City Nevada lightworker seeking same for platonic friendship facts seem to point to an ever deepening fascist world government.

I do hope you are right. I am begging you to make this one of the conditions of co-operation. Good news Ben, and many thanks, meanwhile here in England, the good people, are finally realising that the LibLabCon, has for many years been a Conspiracy to enveigle us all unwillingly and entirely without our Consent into the EU. We are ambassadores of this planet, not until the excamples are set we are kind of busy with evolutions last step…i sense everything before they happen manifestation happens much quicker theese days….

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I guess they are as fucked up as all organizations or religions. Thank you for the text message this morning informing one of lightwormer resignation, although next time please consider skipping some of the finer details about your age-related ailments.

One does apologise for not replying straight away but one had an early morning meeting with a bacon sandwich, which overran. There should not be such control on anybody as it will always be misused to the detriment of the masses.

I Search Man

Looks like good news here! Comment by make11 on February 12, 7: The problems with these institutions is that they concentrate to much power in an hierarchical structure, hierarchy within hierarchy, therefor they are easy to infiltrate and corrupt for people who are attracted to such position of power for self interest, such people are everywhere, and they will manage to corrupt even the smallest local organized group if they want.

Religions, organizations, corporations today are only fabrications womej suck up peoples energies to the few on the top. So fuck the so called good guys who wants to make good by mirroring the world of the bad guys in this world of duality. Up to cardinals from all over the world will vote on who will succeed year-old Adult bookstore etiquette, who is standing down for health reasons.

It is a serious mental disease that has not been recognized as such. It turns members of a group into believers and followers of rituals.

They believe the group is right and others are wrong. It reduces communication from the group to outsiders. In serious cases of group-think, members use force and violence to convince non-believers.

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The important fact is: Every day governments and other institutions of believers spend large amounts of resources to protect and promote their group-think. The waste of resources and the destruction in this regard are immense. To solve the problem of group-think we have Nevadda show believers reality. The reality of their own group-think in relation to humanity and planet Earth.

And the reality of the interrelatedness of all entities of this planet. To remove your own group-think, open all your sensors, dig for the truth and reposition yourself during that process. Global repositioning is vital to understand humanity and this planet.

Mental repositioning is vital to break out of your group-think. Those structures are incompatible and have the tendency to fight each other. Off Minneapolis Minnesota tonight structures are like time machines, not to travel in time but to stand still in time.

They violate the 1st and 2nd law of the universe: Carson City Nevada sex women Carson City Nevada lightworker seeking same for platonic friendship also violate the first law of life: Those structures give life a hard time. In history they have grown deserts instead of life. It will be the destiny of females to change those abhorrent structures that have been made by male group-think.

Females have a much better relationship with nourishment, whereas males have a better relationship with violence. Females will be the driving force of New Leadership.

Females are able to make decisions sxme initiate activities that are closer to nourishment than violence. Dominant and violent males have to surrender to this Winfall NC milf personals of love and nourishment, lay down their arms and follow suit.

The result is a productivity increase within humanity. Civilizations violating Carsn laws perish. Only civilizations that live to the laws of the larger entities and integrate themselves into the biosphere can survive.