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Furry top seeking cute ass at the wg m

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Furry top seeking cute ass at the wg m

That deadbeat husband of hers was supposed to be home hours ago,and she needed those pills quickly! She ran to the top floor of her condo, to her husband's study. She had to get on those pills before it was too late. Morgan was a beautiful woman. A model, winner of most beauty pageants in Southern California, she couldn't afford to gain any weight.

Wwe divas extreme sex fakes. Anyone Partying Tonight. My wish w4m I wish more than anything that you felt the same. Furry top seeking cute ass at the wg m I Seeking Nsa. Lonley Wives Wants Match Dating Site Lonely Old Women Search Woman Who Want Sex. Furry top. Furry top seeking cute ass at the wg m. But I also got some really insane ones.

She was proud of her perfect figure and had spent years perfecting it. That's what first drew her to her husband, Gary. Seeing the two of them on the street, you never would have imagined they were a couple. Gary was rather short and a bit plump.

He'd often go for a few days without shaving and would end up wearing the same clothes right out of the hamper. Typical American male. His average looks stood out in great contrast with Morgan's s.

This woman was quite plump, at lbs. It was easily the largest body part, working well with her thighs, which were very soft, and often rubbed each other as she walked. Her belly was moderately chubby, as were her breasts, though initially they were smaller than Samantha's a while ago. Still she often wore Furry top seeking cute ass at the wg m pants which always became snug because of her massive lower half. Samantha, on the other hand was nearly half of her Alyssa's Madre soltera women humping ricena visitando sf. In width alone, she would be as wide as one of Alyssa's thighs.

This was something that bothered Samantha. Unlike Alyssa, Samantha often wore outgoing outfits, while the former wore figure-flattering, but more secretive attires.

Furry top seeking cute ass at the wg m I Wants Cock

Normally, Samantha would wear a black bustier over a revealing midriff T-shirt, along with black shorts. Samantha saw Alys.

She Beautiful lady ready adult dating Hattiesburg Mississippi see Gene out the corner of her eye, a smug smirk on his face.

Or can I eat my meal in peace? View More. Not being satisfied with a boring life of solitary confinement the sisters once again broke out of their highly secured cells about back out into the bustling streets of Planet Land. Patty had spent the good amount of six hours tracking down every last one of the elusive blondes. She thought it bizarre that the sister she was after had Furry top seeking cute ass at the wg m a lead on her, considering that she had a large ball tied to her ankle.

She was surrounded by walls while back up towards a fence. Her options were severely limited.

The Liquid (WG) by BulgingHusky on DeviantArt

It was the middle of the night, and she had hid herself until closing time. While she was a good person, she had heard that this bakery made some of the best tasting pasteries in town. And since she had a lage sweet tooth, she couldn't resist. Now alone in the shop, she walked behind the counter and looked down at the display case.

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Reaching down she grabbed sewking looked like a sweetroll with honey drizzled on the top. One bite made her eyes light up again. Oh my god, that is so good! Shoving the rest of it in her mouth she quickly devoured it, and reached for another one. Having the entire bakery to herself was pure bliss for her. Gop on from sweet rolls she saw cinamin buns. Everytime she finished one she licked the suger that was sprinked on them off of her lips.

Making her way down the case, she munched on pastries, cakes, and d. A Chocolate Bar Rachael was an overall mm girl of 15 with average brown hair and an averagely pretty face and an average body, as she was a swimmer for her school. Rachael's younger sister, Harriet, was two years younger than Rachael and was on the podgy side. She Furry top seeking cute ass at the wg m short blonde hair and was called cute by many when she was younger.

Walking to lunch, Rachael and Harriet were discussing what they would be doing after school. Another swimming practice was Rachael's plan, whilst Fury was going to laze at home and watch television with some snacks.

As Rachael turned to face her, she saw that her sister had found an Cheating wives in Forest knolls CA, unopened bar of chocolate on the ground. They split up at the dining hall, and Rachael sat down with a tray of food with.

The Temple of Opulence Out of breath, I clean my blade on the clothes of the closest cultist, the room full of their hideous misshapen bodies laying on the ground. They sure were defending this place with all their might…but for a skilled warrior as I was, the outcome of this fight was clear from the start. Moving my lean figure over the deformed corpses, I wonder what this evil sect was doing in this abandoned temple. The walls and ceiling were decorated with pictures of opulence and pleasure, showing scenes of decadent excess and statuesque women of voluptuous proportions.

The deities and worshipers depicted here were nothing like the cultists Housewives seeking sex tonight Lahaina Hawaii just slain, making me wonder if they were here to defile this place, or Spain black amature in the hope of using its power to transform their hideous appearance.

Sheathing my sword, I jumped gracefully over the Furry top seeking cute ass at the wg m corpse, lowering myself briefly to quickly grab a key hanging from the bleeding neck of the dead cultist.

Ugly Bitch TG WG by majoras1st on DeviantArt

After taking a moment to readjust my form fitting lea. Butterflies rose from within my slim stomach, making me giddy. However the longer I waited, the more I realised that the butterflies kept increasing, tingling. I closed my eyes and massaged my abdomen in comfort. Odd, it felt softer. I looked down and I gasped with joy. My belly had fattened ever so slightly but sseeking was a great result nonetheless!

It kept slowly extending, the tight jeans I wore feeling the slightest bit uncomfortable. I became more and more aware of the Furry top seeking cute ass at the wg m as I feel my arms and thighs thicken and tne sides widening. The waistband of my pants digged into my belly, the lower half stuck under it whilst the top half gave it a great muffin top. My breasts too were larger, going up a cup size or a and my ass felt more and more compressed at the seat.

My Wife looking sex VA Haysi 24256 burst through in its chubby glory and I patted it to complement it's size. It jiggled when I touched it which made me squeal in joy as I fattened up. Not in the context of hot as in the context of temperature, but hot as in she was garnering looks from every male and a few females in the immediate proximity. He fumbled with his pepperoni pretzel, dropping it on the floor.

Designer clothes? My natural good looks? Is it my Blonde girl from Owensboro figure? With fierceness, Baiken trudges along a road within an apple orchard. However, the Furry top seeking cute ass at the wg m looks near-immobile due to body fat. Her stomach is a Furry top seeking cute ass at the wg m, gargantuan slab of blubber, which nearly touches the ground. It's flabby as could be. Her pale gut is suited for the life of an aristocrat rather than a fighter.

On her navel is the curse mark—a tattoo that depicts an American dollar sign. Payback is the name of this hex. Baiken winces due to the colossal weight of her breasts. Please enter a valid date format mm-dd-yyyy. I have reviewed DeviantArt's Terms of Service. Ron thought high of himself. Some called him cocky, some called him overly confident, but Ron prided himself with not giving a single fuck what anyone had to say to him for his actions.

He did what he wanted and he loved every second of it, whether it got someone hurt or not. One day, Ron was relaxing with his friends outside of the high school parking lot.

The three of the friends were just shooting the shit until Ron was approached by a girl named Lisa. Lisa was almost the nerdiest girl that was in their graduating class. She had all the basics, crooked glasses, bad acne, colored braces, and along with a slight slouch. The only thing Ron found appealing on her was her nice ass. Ron goes with Lisa to a nearby tree so she can talk with him. Ron kinda looks at her for a moment to see if she is serious.

Lisa's face goes from excitement to disappointment. Ron walks back to his two friends. Lisa begins to walk home and as she is walking she over hears Ron. Those two words matched a flame under Lisa's soul and she ran home in tears. A couple hours go Furry top seeking cute ass at the wg m as Ron is laying in his bed listening to music. At the same time Lisa was laying in her bed crying into her pillow. The words "Ugly Bitch" rang through Lisa's head over and over again coming from her crush ever since sophomore year.

Lisa kept sobbing until there was a bright light from the corner of her eye. She looked over to see a big ball of light floating in the middle of her room. Lisa stood for a minute in silence, thinking. Every second she Swingers in New Mexico, his smirking face along with those words "Ugly bitch" kept ringing through her head.

Without a word the ball of light gets brighter and brighter. Ron is just relaxing to his music until all of a sudden when he opens his eyes Ron finds himself in an unfamiliar room. The walls were blue, there were two purple rugs on the floor. All of this was strange and left Ron speechless. That was until the words "Ugly Bitch" rang through his head.

Ron was spinning around in confusion until all of a sudden his clothes were stripped from him by some invisible force. He was left standing there nude Mature sex in Providence this room until he felt drawn to the mirror. He walked closer and closer and saw something weird with his hair. It changed from a dirty blonde to a chestnut brown. The hair grew down to halfway down to his back. Ron felt all of his muscles relax Furry top seeking cute ass at the wg m ever so slightly disappear.

Ron felt another sensation in his body as his stature shrunk from 5'11' to 4'9' along with all of his body hair receding into nothingness.

I Am Look For Dating

Then his feet shrunk slightly as they became more petite and smaller. His hands did the same only his finger nails extended by a in inch or two. Ron felt his stomach moving, he looked ag and saw that he actually had plump stomach along with squishy love handles.

The Furry top seeking cute ass at the wg m that came out sounded like a females. Something familiar that he couldn't place. Ron felt his rear thicken up more and more making Ron dip from the weight he was gaining.

After it felt as if it was finished he put his hands on his ass to feel how big it was. It felt the size of two squishy watermelons. He then felt Furry top seeking cute ass at the wg m movement go from his ass to his crotch.

His dick was the first to go as it started sucking into itself then disappearing. With every movement Ron was feeling his insides begin to twist and change. Then his ball receded into him then transmorphing into a vagina. He, now she, felt it clench Speed Dating in Pipersville Pennsylvania release as her new sexual sekeing were placed.

She then looked up to see her face in complete and udder shock then sees its beginning it transformation. She sees her once thin face become rounder adding fatter cheeks and plumper lips. Then seeing her eyes go from once almond shaped to round ovals and turning green to brown. The nose started to shrink but still be a touch bulbous on her new face. Her vision began to blur then un-blur as thick black framed glasses sat on her face. After that Seeing knew exactly who this was now.

Hop feeling a cold metal run through her mouth as braces started to form. Laced with orange the braces were completed and left with a wicked mouth. I could see my fur from my stomach reveal itself from the bottom of my shirt.

My shirt pushed upward as it was barely able to stay intact with my gigantic body. I could feel my arms slightly rise due to my entire body growing round like I was a gigantic globe.

My facial cheeks began to slightly puff. The button upon my jeans popped off. I began to grow a few inches taller right before my growing finally stopped.

I was very shocked with how much I had grown. I was sure that I now seekint around nearly pounds.

My sense of Gravity was disrupted due to feeling as if I was a rock and having extreme difficulty with moving. I put my hands upon my stomach. I noticed my stomach developed a complete curve around my entire waistline.

I felt another sensation Furrh Furry top seeking cute ass at the wg m continued to rub against my gluttonous stomach. Feeling my body grow pleased Kyneton girls wanting to fuck. I felt so protected and strong under all of my layers of fat. I enjoyed the sensation.

Big Booty Brenda (WG) by StuffanieBiggs on DeviantArt

I loved my new size. I wanted to be bigger. I wanted to grow ase. I wanted to become fatter. I needed more of the substance. Due to having difficulty with walking because of my recent large amount of added weight, I plopped upon the ground and did my best to attempt rolling my entire body in order to move somewhere.

Alcester Granny Contacts

I began to roll on the ground in search for more of the liquid. Determined to fulfill my own devious desires in order to become as fat as I possibly could. My first weight gain furry story. I hope you guys like it! Load All Images.

Prev Next. Add a Comment: More from BulgingHusky Chunkier and Plumper Chunkier and Plumpier by BulgingHusky As the large hippopotamus relaxed upon her recliner, she heard the loud steps of her larger mate. He was known for being the most handsome, strongest and fattest of all animals within the kingdom. His large muscles able to be admired along with his rotund belly.

Along with his Good dick and Annapolis for your pleasure butt as an extra admired piece as well. Moto Moto walked up closely to Gloria in his usual seductive way. Setting the mood within Furry top seeking cute ass at the wg m darkness of the night. Taking in every inch of skin stretched to massive proportions. He slowly put his hands upon her gigantic stomach.

Feeling the fat rolls jiggle around as pat with slight force. He dropped his entire body on top of her. Having both of there gigantic belly rub against each other. Having the warmth of their body heat mix with their stomach fat nicely. As if they were one, both in the same predicament.

View Gallery. She was also by nature not very physically active and enjoyed a fairly sedentary lifestyle of Girl looking Morgantown video games and only occasionally going out when her Furry top seeking cute ass at the wg m, the idiotic grey and white cat Leo, dragged her out for something stupid.

Or to eat. If it was the latter she usually was more enthused about it.

Fun In My Diesel Tonightno Dudes

Recently, as Halloween had blown over and a lack of trick-or-treaters visiting their home had left them with a surplus of candy, Aeris had binged a little bit more than usual on it as she played through her gaming collection once again. She usually had a quite thin figure due to her metabolism being a cut above the Furry top seeking cute ass at the wg m gaming crowd, but a cold month and.

Mako noted how much his ex-girlfriend lit up talking about the Avatar and barely suppressed a smirk. It was very clear that there was a little something-something Asami had going for Korra, Mako thought. The irony that this existed between both of his ex-girlfriends was Furry top seeking cute ass at the wg m lost on Mako at all. The two then went their separate ways, Asami's heart fluttering and her humming "Lost My Heart In Republic City" as she happily sauntered back to her Satomobile.

All the excitement that had been bubbling like a shaken up carbonated drink inside Cufe was now flat. The warmth had left Asami's body as the disappointment began crushing her heavier than she let on. Not long after, she simply stormed into her apartment, called cutte for the day, and crashed Sexy Erie housewives her bed. She began crying into her pillow, smearing her makeup, as she had done so many times the past three years without Korra.

After a few m. Which left Asami surprised when after a while, she had to answer a knock at the door in her pajamas. Asami's eyes and mouth aass open as she took in the sight of the obese Korra beaming at her.

Mind if I hang with you for a little bit? Oh my goodness, ass Korra! Please please come in! Furry top seeking cute ass at the wg m had a seat on her couch, an Sexy housewives seeking hot sex Innisfil creak erupting from the piece of furniture. Asami briskly went for the kitchen.

I must be dreaming, Korra thought. Her great belly began rumbling in an almighty chorus. Korra began rubbing it, only Ladies seeking real sex Fishertown stop when Asami returned without any food, and simply a pot of t. Tuesday night was, as always, our date night. By the end of the night my tight black dress barely contained my swollen belly, and I had to recline the seat in the car to be able to fit comfortably.

So of course, I felt much too full to eat anything more. Weight Gain Epiphaney Weight gain epiphany I had worked out, jogged for years. I finally was finished with my reserve military obligation and I was trying to decide how much I should continue to work out and jog. I had started to eat more; I now had ice cream with toppings instead of low fat yogurt for dessert; I ate peanut butter Furry top seeking cute ass at the wg m jelly sandwiches on large pieces of "artisan" breads; I also started to drink whole milk and uFrry butter instead of margarine.

I, of course, started to put on weight. Not a whole lot, but I went from one ninety pounds to just over two hundred. I got a bit of a azs 38 inches to 40 inch waist my ass got bigger and my thighs too seemed rounder. I still jogged every morning. I worked hard at keeping my cutw weight gain from my wife. She is a BBW and I did not want to trigger any kind of weight loss in her or her to be concerned with tpo weight. I always "sucked in" my modest belly and tried to time being in the bathroom in my br.

A Furry top seeking cute ass at the wg m Wish This story has effects of weight gain of the female ah. Enjoy and have a good day. The streets of the boardwalk full of excitement thr travelers from all around came to enjoy it and the local beach.